Action Alerts

Throughout the year, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), the Florida Conference of Catholic Bishops (FlaCCB), a Diocesan Respect Life Director, or the KofC Supreme Council might email an “Action Alert” – a call for Knights to act in our civil duties to contact our Senators or House Representatives and let them know our position on pro- life bills. It is important that we, as citizens, do this in charity, unity, and fraternity, to speak for the voiceless unborn. Please act as soon as you receive the e-mail and forward it to your Council’s Brother Knights, to family and friends.


Get informed on an alternative to abortion or baby abandonment: the Florida Surrendered Newborn Infant Law allows a parent to leave an unwanted newborn baby who is approximately 7 days old or younger, with an employee at a hospital, 24/7 emergency medical services [EMS] station, or 24/7 fire station in Florida, without fear of prosecution.
To know what to do, the parent would need to contact:  Safe_Haven_Logo

A Safe Haven for Newborns operates throughout Florida and is supported by the Florida Bishops.
24-Hour Help Line, in several languages: 1-877-767-BABY (2229). Collateral materials and videos available at no charge.

Visit to learn more or contact Nick Silverio at 786-246-1304.

Please carry the Help line phone number with you at all times – you might save a life. Over 200 precious newborns now have a future and many young women assisted in their time of crisis. 4th Degree Brother Knight Nick E. Silverio, is the Founder of this 501(c)(3) charitable organization.