Domestic Church

What is the Building the Domestic Church initiative?

This initiative on promoting the new evangelization, strengthening our parishes and growing the Order. It is designed to help our members and their families reflect the holiness of the universal Church. In promoting each family as a domestic church, the Knights of Columbus primarily seeks to integrate our members and their families more fully into the sacramental and social life of the parish.

What do we mean by when we say each family is a Domestic Church?

We mean that each family is an assembly of believers that together participate in the work of God. By using the Scripture term "domestic church," we emphasize that family is not simply a social concept, but rather a state of life established by God.

Why is the initiative being promoted at this time?

The Knights of Columbus has always been an organization dedicated to the well-being of the family. By building upon our programs and encouraging councils to more fully integrate with the sacramental and social life of their parish, we hope to strengthen our members’ families, revitalize our parishes and grow our Order.

Will the initiative change our councils?

The Domestic Church initiative is designed to help councils refocus on the Order’s mission to strengthen families and revitalize parish communities.Each council prioritizes family activities and supports the needs of the pastor. Knights keep the pastor informed of all the support their council can offer.

What is the Knights of Columbus’ relationship with the Boy Scouts of America and other international Scouting programs?

Consistent with the goal of the Domestic Church initiative, troops must be chartered by the local parish rather than by a council. Knights aid the parish-chartered organization through volunteer service, leadership and financial support.