Florida District 4th Degree


Master Florida District
Robert W Read

picture-10135-1386916104Supreme Master
Dennis J Stoddard
1062944-Anderson-Bob_0Vice Supreme Master
Robert J Anderson
picture-14412-1413209464Florida District Friar
Rev Christopher A Hoffmann
picture-2678-1411331198Executive Administrator
to the Master
David W Finch

4020319-McLaughlin-Charles-2_0Florida District Marshall
Charles P McLaughlin

picture-28140-1441678446Florida District Vice Marshall
Anthony  Jette
picture-29520-1337382514Florida District Vice Marshall
Harry H Kimball
picture-20648-1411333596Florida District Vice Marshall
James E Kelly III
picture-17318-1411331981Exemplar Corps Director
John J O’Toole
picture-40897-1465244422VAVS Director
Alfred R Anci
picture-26603-1411332432Special Projects (4th Degree)
James H Read